Treatment List
Cooperative enterprise Hyundai Medis of Seoul City Tour is the industry leader in providing international services related to Kprean medical procedures.
Below is a list of medical treatments that are available.

Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic surgery can be divided into cosmetic surgery, which fulfils the patients urge for beauty, and reconstructive surgery, which enhances or restores functioning. In Korea, plastic surgery is very common, and perhaps this is the reason behind the high level of skill and professionalism of Korea's plastic surgery. The truth is that many of the stunningly beautiful women in Korea hold the secret to being beautiful!

Detox is a procedure intended to clear waste materials and toxins accumulated inside the body. Lemon detox, involving the constant consumption of nothing but drinks, is well-known in the West, while in Korea, fasting and clearing of the bowels are some of the representative detox methods. Detox procedures do much more than help the body lose weight, but reform the body's constitution through elimination of toxins in the body, and renews the body into a healthier form. On a broader level, detox therapy brings greater control of both the external environment and the mind, and brings greater stability and peace of mind.

Generally, weight loss diets are taken to mean restriction of food intake so as to prevent weight gain, for health or cosmetic purposes. To lose weight, one must either reduce calories consumed or increase calories expended, a simple concept that is not quite so easy in execution. The Korean-Style Diet introduced here approaches the problem of dieting from the point of traditional Korean medicine, and is a non-invasive method that does not upset the balance of the body and manages weight in a healthy way while preserving the energy and spirits of the body.

Eco Therapy
Ecotherapy is a union between the ideas of ecopsychology and psychotherapy. Fundamental to ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within. Ecotherapy uses a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our inner nature. Personal distress can be alleviated by developing the mutual connection between inside and outside. Through learning to care for the natural environment we learn to care for and nurture ourselves. Ecotherapy is about personal healing and healing for the earth.

Health screening
Modern diseases crop up without warning, due to the cumulative effects of the irregular modern lifestyle and other such factors as stress, fatigue, environmental pollution, and a sedentary lifestyle. Due to these and other factors, chronic diseases are on the rise today. Therefore, regular and frequent medical screening to detect health risks and bodily changes that may forebode the onset of a chronic disease, and early medical intervention to prevent the worsening of such a condition play a crucial role in the promotion of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Food
Due to Korea's distict 4 season climate, even health food is approached through the concept of the seasons. It has been said from a long time ago that foods harvested and eaten in the proper season are as good as medicine, and the best foods are foods that recieve the energy of the sea and earth of their respective season. In addition, according to the 4 constitutions theory of traditional Korean medicine, even the same food may have different effects on different people, as what is harmful for one can be beneficial for the other.

Korean Oriental Medicine
Throughout the long history of Korea, Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) has built its reputation on the uniqueness and the holistic vantage of its approach. The whole world can benefit from its comprehensive and integrated care for wellness as well as treatment for future intractable disease

Medical Skin Care
Medical skincare involves treatment by a professional medical esthetician according to the prescription of a dermatologist. In addition to the methods traditionally used by skincare parlors, treatment is propelled by medical knowledge and effective medications, making possible a more functional and effective skincare than ever before.

Generally, spas provide various hydro massages through the use of waterjets and air bubbles and provide mental and physical relaxation. In recent years, skin treatments have become a default given at any spa: our "Healing Spa" program soothes the tired body and mind, and is the newest thing. Visit our exotic and yet firmly korean spa, and with the help of the sure but delicate touch of our professional therapists, enjoy a refuge from stress and fatigue and regain your vitality and health.