Full Day TOUR 6
Full Day TOUR 6 Palace & Sauna Tour

Minimum Pax:
Time Required:
KRW105,000p/p (Including Lunch: Korea Traditional Food)
Hotel - Blue House(Pass By) - Changing of the Guard Ceremony -
Gyeongbokgung Palace(Deoksugung Palace on Tuesdays) - National Folk Museum - Jogyesa Buddhist Temple - Ginseng Center - Lunch - Sauna - Hotel

Blue House
Official residence of the president is called "The Blue House".The symbol of the Blue House, which is at the center of Korean politics, is the blue tiles. The first thing that catches your eye when you arrive at the Blue House is also the blue tiles of the main building. The blue tiles and the smooth roof are in beautiful harmony with Mt. Bugaksan behind it.

Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeonbokgung Palace is a palace erected during the reign of king Taejo, founder of the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910) which was the final kingdom in Korea, but it was destroyed in the Japanese invasion of 1592. It was reconstructed in 1868. It has 4 gates including the southern main gate, Gwanghwamum.

National Folk Museum
The National Folk Museum is located on the compound of Gyeongbok palace. It shows you the traditional life of both the ordinary people and aristocracy. It has exhibits from all parts of Korea. There ae displays of traditional farming methods, hunting, weaving, cooking and other house keeping chores.

Jogye Temple
Jogyesa Temple leads to the Zen Buddhism in Korea. This temple does not give off the solemn and traditional feelings of the other temples located in the deep mountains. But it has some advantages compared to the other temples because the transportation is very convenient and this temple is well connected to the surrounding city area.

Thereis a lot of things to try when you go to abroad contry, such as treditinal food, treditional play, ect... When you come to Korea, you must try Korean food-Kimchi, Bulgogy, Samgyoetang- treditional treditional dancing and performances- Nong-Ak, Fan Dancing, Nan Ta, and Jump- and KoreanSauna. Korean Sauna is so specail, because there is specail treatment - meridian pathways massage, exfoliate of your wholl body, and facial massage- than the other contries. Especially, Korean Sauna will relax your tite mucels from the hiking.