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Yongin MBC Dramia Tour("Daejanggeum","Jumong", ¡°Queen Seon-deok,¡± ¡°Isan,¡± ¡°Dong Yi.¡±)

Minimum Pax:
Time Required : A)
09:00~13:00 B) 09:00~17:30
Fee: A)
KRW85,000p/p B) KRW120,000p/p

A) Hotel - Yongin MBC Dramia - Duty Free Shop - Drop Off at Lotte Hotel(Sogongdong)
B) Hotel - Yongin MBC Dramia - Lunch - Korean Folk Village - Duty Free Shop - Hotel
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Cautions during reservation
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Tour Condition

- All the tours Include the guide, transportation, admission fee.
- Child fares: 30% DC under 10years of age.
- If you cancel or change the tour after 15:00PM the day before of the tour day, We will apply 100% cancellation fee to you.
- Some morning tours will be dropped off at city hall.
- We notice that We have no responsiblity for your personal incidents and losses during all the tours.
- We are stuck in a traffic jam the pick up service will be delayed.
- It is possible to pay all the tour fees by credit card.